Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology

As main requisite, the Pediatric Ortopedics Module has got the ability to organize the data in a fast and accurate way.

Developed in perfect cooperation with units which perform more than 8000 medical examinations and admit around 1500 patients every year, the software facilitates the everyday’s management and storage of clinical data thanks to the ability of optimizing the compilation time of the medical chart.

The physician and his co-workers are completely free of using the different services offered by the software for the data insertion.

More than 800 images of several diseases, as those shown here, facilitate the data insertion, so the physician is completely free of reporting his impressions. The main aim is to make easier the reporting activity, allowing the physician to save time, avoiding long and boring handwriting on prescribed forms.

The use of these resources by the medical doctor doesn’t imply any revolution in his way of working, because every single Unit can freely customize these images and can add similar modules without any difficulty; as a matter of fact we have created this module following the directions and suggestions of the Pediatric Orthopedics.