Lab Tests and Examinations Management

The basic medical charts are supplied with hundreds of already available parameters, which can be organized and integrated according to the physician’s specific needs.

Thanks to a table next to the graph area, it is possible to select individually the parameters, which the user wants to visualize and compare. It is possible to indicate the range of time and of the values, and to print and to archive the results.

It is also possible to keep track of all the medical parameters, which the physician wants to utilize and to get the time table for the tests planning and the graphs, which indicate the kind of treatment performed and the effects on the patient.

  • Management of the history of the lab tests of each patient
  • Recommendations about the normal range of each parameter, highlighting the anomalies
  • Graph of the time series of each parameter
  • Text report with possible vocal recognition
  • Monitoring of the parameters according to administered treatment

It’s possible to display the temporal graph of every single parameter in order to control its course; the graphs can be overlapped in order to directly confront them.