Management.NET - Electronic Patient Records

Management.NET is an informative system for the management of the Electronic Patient Records, open and modular, which fulfils what medical professionals have been asking for a long time.

It is a system specifically designed to adapt perfectly to the Hospital activities and to allow an agile filing and management of all the information, concerning the patient and the medical activities.

It is born thanks to a collaboration between computer scientists and physicians and it facilitates and actively supports physicians and all of the medical staff in their everyday’s work.

The modularity, which characterizes the system, allows to operate with the maximum flexibility and comfort and to choose the working style, which is more convenient to a physician’s needs.

It is developed to manage the processes specific to hospitals and it can be adapted and integrated to the peculiar activities of each medical division.


Your mission is fundamental to safeguard the patients’ health.

Management.NET is the solution, designed ad hoc, to facilitate your everyday’s work.