Images Storage and Management

The purpose of this section is to have an organized and freely created archive of images and photos, including X-rays, scan images and surgery pictures, with the possibility of comment and highlight important and remarkable details, of write and draw directly on the images, of appoint and underline the most significant ones, of put side by side and measure the pictures.

The module allows to manage and reserve radiologic and endoscopic exams and to prepare the patient for the exam.




The main functions are the following:

  • Creation of an unlimited number of images archive, with the opportunity to customize them
  • Images inclusion, also from Windows System using drag and drop features
  • Remark and draw on the picture to highlight details without modifying the original photo
  • Voice-recognized report
  • Report History
  • Detection and management of the most remarkable images
  • Control of picture parameters as brightness, contrast etc…
  • Free arrangement and archive of the images: daily, by argument, by disease etc…
  • Fast management of the images, with the possibility of highlight those considered most important and of freely arrange them
  • Single image or entire archive export
  • Images Management: zoom, rotate, overturn, adapt etc…
  • Images Processing by any kind of external software
  • Images comparison
  • Length, angles and areas measurement
  • Standard DICOM use