To Examine and to Watch

The graphic is designed on purpose with the help of several physicians to allow an easy and fast utilization of the system and to have, at the same time, everything reachable with a simple click.

It is possible to design sketches and to write notes in the medical chart or in the personal notes.

To facilitate the introduction of the data and the compilation of the medical chart, we added to the software more than 5000 images, parameters and custom personal files, leaving the freedom to customize almost everything.

Management.NET is a complete and rich set of tools designed to archive, manage and search every possible kind of information and to better accomplish the day to day hospital management.


For each hospital unit it has been designed a specific medical record style with the possibility to fully customize it. This has allowed to build an entire software, effective and functional that it is adapted to the individual request of the hospital staff, integrating at the same time all the information available about the patient.

Management.NET organizes all the possible medical reports of the diagnostic tests, such as: EEG, EMG, PET, X-rays, CT, MRI, fMRI, which can be inserted to complete the medical chart.