Feedbacks from the Users

"It optimized the idle time and eliminated boring transcriptions thanks to the utilization of images, which facilitate and accelerate the data insertion".

"It unified the writing and insertion of the info both for physicians and nurses."

"It allows a comfortable and total vision of the all the performed examinations".

"It makes easy to integrate diagnostic and therapeutic processes".

"The introduction of the new application did not cause a revolution in the way the staff works, because the electronic chart loyally reproduces the traditional paper version, allowing a complete customization".

"The images of the surgery and of the X-rays can be organized and classified in a customized way. It is extremely comfortable to have the possibility of drawing and commenting on every image".

"It allows a clear and easy traceability of the therapies and of the administrated drugs, reducing the clinical risk caused by a mistaken identification and reading of the prescriptions and of the administrations, etc".