Fracture and Dislocation Classification

Thanks to a filing system, which is widely agreed upon by the international scientific community and using an effective graphic interface, Management.NET allows the taxonomy of fractures and of twists according to the Orthopedic Trauma Association (OTA), introduced by Maurice E. Muller.


Gestione.NET rende disponibile, attraverso una efficace interfaccia grafica, la classificazione delle Fratture e Slogature dell’Orthopaedic Trauma Association – OTA, introdotte da Maurice E. Müller.


We think that the introduction of this standardized filing system is strongly needed, because only using a common language makes possible to detect and collect the best info in order to translate the ongoing experience and research into a more effective treatment of the patients.


The software allows an easy and fast selection, thanks to a research via codes and/or images. Once the taxonomy is done, it is possible to link X-rays, films and all the info to each of the selected images.