Main Features and Functions
  • Management and storage of every kind of information: text, photo, images, audio, scanner and fax documents etc...
  • Medical chart specific for every single Unit
  • Customization of the storage system
  • Nurse charts
  • Patient management
  • Therapy management and medications schedule
  • Operatory rooms and surgical procedures management
  • Video-assisted management of the procedures
  • Internal Word Processor provided with voice recognition
  • Images management and arrangement associated with the possibility of comment and mark every single picture
  • Module for free-hand drawing and sketch
  • Insertion and management of personal comments and notes (access limited only to users)
  • Memorization and display of all the clinical parameters through the use of graphics
  • Functional setting and personalization of the data management
  • Availability of a potent search engine capable of quickly finding information
  • Use in local net and in internet
  • Opportunity of connecting online with other physicians and specialists
  • Statistical data processing
  • Automatic record and monitor of the drug prescription
  • Families management with the possibility of signalling deadlines and of inserting notes about one family
  • Use of the ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM classifications
  • Conformity with the standard HL7, DICOM and JCI (Joint Commission International)


and many other options...

It represents the ideal software for its power, its simplicity of use and its nice and intuitive interface.