In Service of the Physician

Our main target is to facilitate in any way the medical staff work.

The system, firmly pointed toward the medical and welfare proceedings, allows a systematic and structured management and storage of all the information concerning the medical charts, the EPR - Electronic Patient record (or EHF - Electronic Health File), the nurse records and the patient health history.

Management.NET is a complete tool for the data storage and research and the fulfilment of the administrative duties. It permits the filing and the management of every kind of information.

The system supplies the medical charts specific for the different units associated with the opportunity to customize them.

Its use is easy and fast and it works with only one or more computers connected on the local net or on internet. Thanks to a broad and modular configuration, you can include it in already existing networks.

Studying carefully the medical staff habits and always developing the software with the hospital personnel, we have established a very fine interface making intuitive, easy and fast learning the software use, with the appreciations of everyday users.

Management.NET represents also a main instrument that offers a complete and accurate service to the Hospital, so it will be possible file the patient data and share them with other peers involved in the diagnostic and therapeutic process and in the statistical or managerial data processing.